Special Orders from Texas - At the top of our Buy It Now web page there is a new section called special orders from Texas. We currently are offering farmed fragments from two coral farmers located in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. These farmers produce high quality fragments that are bug free. They are also collectors who have acquired a large selection of exotic stony and soft corals. These additional corals can be ordered and combined with our imaged actual Reeffarmers fragments that are also listed on the Buy It Now web page. This gives Reeffarmers customers a broader range of corals to include when ordering a coral shipment from Reeffarmers. Most of these special orders corals will be harvested at the time of order and payment. Shipping will typically occur within 7 to 10 days of the order being placed. Sometimes we may have their fragments available in our facility as premounted fragments that can be shipped immediately.

Reeffarmers - This web site is the main distribution site for captive farmed corals from the farming business Reeffarmers (owned and operated by Steve Tyree). Steve has been farming and distributing captive stony corals since 1993. Back then, the captive maintainance of reef building stony corals was still considered impossible by many. Today there are literally thousands of reef aquarist around the world that are not only maintaining these corals, but they are successfully farming them. Over the years Steve has managed to acquire a large collection of rare and exotic corals. To this day Steve continues to search the U.S. for captive corals that he considers rare and exotic. Reeffarmers main product lines include: Limited Editions, Farmed Sponge Packs and Farmed Corals. All of our product lines, except the sponge packs, are currently distributed through the Buy It Now web page.

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Limited Editions - These corals form the main business within Reeffarmers. Limited Edition (LE) corals are rare and exotic corals that Steve has collected over the years and continues to collect to this very day. In the past demand for these corals was very strong. Strong demand can actually cause problems for farmers. Over harvesting was a consistant problem with early exotic coral farming enterprises. To better match distribution (harvesting rates) with customer demand, Reeffarmers had implemented a harvesting reservation system. The rate of harvest was based on the growth rate of the farmed coral. We have however decided in July of 2010 to discontinue the reservation process for new corals. This is primarly a recognition of the current state of the US economy and its future short term prospects. In these economic conditions, it is very difficult to have reservations that are a few years into the future become realized as valid orders. This is because many people are experiencing work and resident displacements and changes. We will keep records of the old reservations on the corals LE web page. We will also continue to create LE web pages for new LE corals. The only change is that we wont take reservations. Right now we release each First Edition LE as a Buy It Now on the page at the top of our menu. We also intend to sell additional captive grown fragments of the LE corals through our Buy It Now page. Since we no longer have to setup reservations records for new corals, we will be able to release new LE corals one at a time whenever they are ready. Please note - we are not trademarking the use of the term 'Limited Edition' with respect to harvested coral fragments. Reeffarmers was the first to use the term with respect to corals and we believe it should now be considered a common usage term within the captive coral industry.

Exclusive Editions - In 2012 Reeffarmers is working on a new line or class of captive grown corals for distribution from our farm. The market has changed over the years and more coral importers are now working directly with the exporters and collectors. This has expanded and improved the exotic coral collection market and there are some absolutely incredible out of this world corals now being located and exported. Traditionally these corals have been exported to Europe and Asia where aquariums and reefs are significantly more popular. Only rarely have they been imported into the US. We are now working directly with one importer located in the US who has contacts collecting these super exotic corals. And we intend to distribute a few of these corals through our web site as Exclusive Editions. What that means for a newly imported coral is that typically only one colony was imported into the US and only a couple of farmers are producing harvests of the coral and there probably will not be another colony imported. We will also consider one of a kind corals that were discovered growing in captive US reefs as unknown hitchhikers for Exclusive Edition (EE) status. These will be the rarest of the rare corals.

Farmed Sponge - Reeffarmers utilizes natural filtration systems based on Steve Tyree's Zonal Filtration Methodologies. We currently do not have any protein skimmers on any of our 4 farming reef systems. These methods primarily rely on crytpic sponges, but can also utilize sea squirts and bi-valves. Steve Tyree harvests excess cryptic organisms growth and distributes these organisms via Reeffarmers on the Farmed Sponge page.

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