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Reeffarmers - This web site is the main distribution site for captive farmed corals from the farming business Reeffarmers (owned and operated by Steve Tyree). Steve has been farming and distributing captive stony corals since 1993. Back then, the captive maintainance of reef building stony corals was still considered impossible by many. Today there are literally thousands of reef aquarist around the world that are not only maintaining these corals, but they are successfully farming them. Right now Reeffarmers is true to its name and distributing corals from many different farmers. We are also even drop shipping some special orders through farmers now. So if you are looking for that rare exotic, and you want someone to find the real deal, Reeffarmers has been specializing in Acropora longer then anyone else right now. We have numerous contacts and can hunt down that rare to find sps coral. Reeffarmers main product lines include: Limited Editions, Route Editions, Farmed Sponge Packs, Drop Shipped Exotics and Farmed Corals. All of our product lines, except the sponge packs, are currently distributed through the Buy It Now web page. And no, we cannot find the Toxic Spill Montipora or Wet Thumbs Margarita Acropora LE corals right now. And if anyone has a true lineage source please drop a message to reeffarmers@rocketmail.com
Update April 11th 2018 - We are stopping the retail sale of propagated coral starting in 2018. We will only be selling privately for retail and also to specific distributors on a limted basis. We have been travelling a lot due to another business we run called Coral Farmers Market. It is getting busy again and our retail coral time is getting severly limited. We will also be ramping up our two raceway systems with automation, new lighting and stronger current generators. These raceway systems are also test beds for the cryptic sponge filtration system. We will be ramping up the current and lighting so we can keep more demanding sps corals in them. We will continue to grow and sell cryptic seed packs during this time.

Limited Editions - These corals have formed the main business within Reeffarmers over the years. Limited Edition (LE) corals are rare and exotic corals that Steve has collected and continues to collect where and whenever possible. We do not currently stock many of the LE corals due to circumstances beyond our control, but are currently looking to restock our newly established Texas systems with some of the more current and desirable older LE corals. We also continue to create LE web pages for new LE corals. Our new systems in Texas have finally stabalized and we have SPS (Acropora, Montipora, etc...) growing very well now. Basically an aquarist or farmer just sends in good quality closeup images of the coral they want considered for LE purposes to reeffarmers@rocketmail.com

Route Editions - In early 2015 Reeffarmers paid a visit to Eric Caamano's company, Route 66 Marine in Southern California. At the time Eric wanted to start selling mid to high end captive stony corals to his brick and mortar traditional store customers. He had already made some mid range fragments and was distributing those. Eric however had some exotic collector corals he had saved over his prior 10 years in the business. And he was also bringing in some of the most exotic corals that were being exported at the time. So Reeffarmers agreed to create a new line of corals called Route Editions from his incredible collection of corals. We came back with literally around 40 new Limited Edition corals that would be called Route Editions.

Farmed Sponge Packs - Reeffarmers utilizes natural filtration systems based on Steve Tyree's Zonal Filtration Methodologies. We currently do not have any protein skimmers on any of our 2 farming reef systems. These zonal filtration methods primarily rely on cryptic sponges, but can also utilize sea squirts and bi-valves. Steve Tyree harvests excess cryptic organism growths and distributes these organisms via Reeffarmers on the Farmed Sponge page. The cryptic organisms are transported via tiny rock pieces that have cryptic organisms attached to them. These are seed rocks that can be utilized to seed a cryptic filtration zone with cryptic organisms. We recommend that customers fill the cryptic with some cheap bald porous old reef rock or structure. Then add our tiny seed rocks on top of the base rock. We are also constantly looking to lower the price of these packs, primarily caused by the living cryptic organisms that need to be shipped completely under water. So shipping costs are a significant factor in setting our prices.

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