Reeffarmers Buy It Now Fragments
Updated on April 5th 2014
[Volume Discount Rate on Buy It Now Total = 10% > $100, 15% > $150, 20% > $200, 25% > $250]
[To order any of these corals send email to]
[Items marked sold or hold are not available][Orders handled first come first serve basis]
[Shipping Rate if Standard Overnight Available is $50
[If Standard Overnight Not Available to your Area add $15 to the above shipping rates]

Please note - Reeffarmers is currently on the road in California. We can acquire and ship corals from Garrett's Acropolis while on our trip.

Products for Sale

Bubble Magus NAC5E
Protein Skimmer
Brand New Never Used
Still in Original Box
Internal Pump Included
A Full and Complete Unit
Buy it Now $100.00
(shipping from Texas not included)

Buy It Now ! - Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis. Just send email to to order a coral. Please list the coral fragment name in the email. Concerning shipping - please note that we will keep an eye on the weather in your area and in the area of the shipping hubs. Severe storms will cause us to delay the shipment. There is a $60.00 next day afternoon shipping charge per order shipped outside the state of Texas if Standard Overnight shipping is available. Inside the state of Texas the next day afternoon shipping charge is $45.00 if Standard Overnight Shipping is available. If Standard Overnight shipping is not available to your area, add $15 to the shipping charge above. No extra box charges or any charges for shipping additional corals. Due to higher shipping charges from Fed Ex and UPS, it is not very economical to purchase and ship 1 to 2 corals. There is not much Reeffarmers can do about that and costs are out of our control. We currently offer a volume discount rate that is 10 % discount on total coral purchase over $100, 15 % over $150, 20 % over $200 and 25 % over $250. We can send you a paypal invoice or just an email invoice. We accept paypal payments sent to . Sending orders in by email with no financial information is the safest and most secure way for Reeffarmers to currently accept payments for orders. As soon as items are sold we will mark SOLD after Buy It Now.

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