Reeffarmers Buy It Now Fragments
Updated April 11th 2018
Reeffarmers has made another change in our business plan going forward. We are actually stopping the Buy It Now retail sales for coral on our web page. This will last for a period of at least 2 to 4 years (2018-2020/2022). And we apologize for not having many available corals listed as we wound down the coral retail selling. We continue to operate two large raceway reef systems in our Texas facility. They are mainly used to grow cryptic filtration animals. We still sell those via this online web page. This is primarily being done to support the cryptic sponge filtration method. We will be upgrading these two racewway systems with better current, automation and lighting. This will allow us to bank more exotic and demanding seeds within our systems after the upgrade.

The owner operator of Reeffarmers, Steve Tyree, also has another company named Coral Farmers Market. That business took off in 2006, slowed from 2010 to 2015, and is taking off once again. Steve has been and will be travelling a lot and also needs to address issues some vendor customers of the CFM company have raised. Actually the main reason Reeffarmers setup booths at CFM events, was because we did not have enough vendors. And it also allowed the CFM to keep booth charges down because Reeffarmers could also produce some income. Reeffarmers show corals also ended up travelling too much at times. And we frequently had to sell third party corals on consignment. Customers were always informed.

Going forward for corals Reeffarmers will concentrate on mainly private sales. There are some situations where we can provide a valuable service. For example, we will be in So Cal the first week of May and will be visiting Garret's Acropolis. Steve Garrett does not ship, but Reeffarmers can pick up some corals and ship them from Texas. We will also be providing farmed auction corals for CFM events starting in 2019. These will be distributed by the CFM company and will help to increase interest in the CFM events. And we also hope our many travels produce some worthy seeds for our upgraded systems.

We will also still list new Limited Edition corals for people whenever a situation warrants a new LE. The first edition of these corals will be shipped straight from the source. Reeffarmers may acquire a seed from the source later. Basically however, this news overall is not bad. We have developed the market to the point where coral shows are becoming supportable businesses. For the CFM, this mainly means that we have more coral growers now. And lots of good ones. At any rate, we plan to at least start growing and selling corals retail again after we retire from the event organizing business. And with the selection and prices corals are getting, that old coral growing bug may take over. But for now we grow sponges, sea squirts, feather dusters and semi-cryptic coralline for retail sale as cryptic seed packs.

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