Limited Edition
Very Berry Granulosa
A Sharkbred/Law Office Aquarium Original

Limited Edition Very Berry Granulosa Acropora Reeffarmers Seed Imaged.
A very colorful granulosa with bright blueberry colored corallites.
Blue contrasts with a fluorescent golden green on branch bases.
Polyps are also colorful and contain fluorescent turquoise pigments.
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A possible Acropora granulosa speciman with some very bright and colorful pigments. The Very Berry Granulosa lives up to its name with some bright blueberry blue corallites and new growth tips. In strong light a bluish cream coloration develops on branch stems. Under lower light the branch stems develop a fluorescing golden green pigmentation. Polyp coloration can also vary from green to turquoise to blue.

The Very Berry Granulosa was originally acquired by Dennis of Law Office Aquariums back in 2011 from a vendor at Reef-A-Palooza. It was not a named coral at that time. Initially the fragment had a unique structure but was browned out with no coral pigmentation. Dennis placed the coral in a high flow area with medium light from a T5/Halide combination lighting system. After about 6 months the coral developed a golden green glow pigmentation. Then when branches starting growing the tips developed a very pleasing bluish purple. The fragment eventually grew into a small colony that has a branching tree morphology.

Dennis recommends moderate to strong light levels. Stronger lighting tends to develop more intense blue pigmentation. However moderate mid range lighting will develop a greater mixture or diversity of pigments. The coral also prefers moderate to strong water current.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of this coral for in an 8 foot raceway Gyre BiZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate light levels from a 400 watt SE 20,000 K metal halide. The first retail edition fragment of this coral was sold on our Buy It Now web page on November 4th 2014. Retail price was $ 95.00 for a small frag.

Limited Edition Very Berry Granulosa Acropora Sharkbred/Law Office Aquarium Seed Imaged.
One of the original seed fragments of the coral at the Law Office Aquarium facility.
The corals unique tree branching structure can be seen in this developed seed.
A shape similar to one of the original Purple Monster colonies imported from the Solomons.
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