Limited Edition - AA Orange War Coral
Original from The Atlanta Aquarium
Established October 5th 2015

AA Orange War Coral Main Seed Fragment Imaged.
New Leading Edge Growth was Brilliant Orange and that Pigment was Spreading Inward.
When the Orange Mixed Over the Blue Grey Pigment it was More Pink Colored.
Where the Orange Pigment Mixes with the Green Corallite Eye a Gold Color Develops.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reefers Cove All Rights Reserved.

The AA Orange War Coral is one of the first war corals (Favites pentagona) that Reeffarmers has seen developing a brilliant orange pigmentation. These pigments are most concentrated on the growth edges but can spread inward. Corallite eyes are bright lime green, while the inner surface not colored with orange has a blue grey colored pigmentation. This orange can photograph as brilliant pink. Also the orange can very very brilliant orange under Royal Blue LED and UV lighting (see images below).

We acquired the AA Orange War coral from Rit at the reef store The Atlanta Aquarium during late 2014. We were immediately interested in the corals brilliant orange edge coloration. Rit had been keeping the exotic coral and had not made fragments of the coral at that time. Originally the orange just remained along the edge, but slowly over time in our captive systemes the pigment expanded into the inner surface areas of the coral.

Reeffarmers is maintaining a seed section of this coral in a 7 foot Raceway Gyre BiZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In this captive reef the coral is positioned to receive weak to moderate light and moderate to weak water current. The first edition fragment of this coral was sold on our Buy It Now web page to Bryan Do on October 4th. Suggested list price was $72.00 for a small fragment. Reeffarmers has also distributed fragments of this coral to Glenn Black of Spikes Corals and Robbie Rhye of Hard Core Corals.

AA Orange War Coral Fragment Imaged Under UV Light (Black Light).
Coral Absolutely Screaming Brilliant Orange when Illuminated by a Black UV Light.
This Demonstrated that the Orange Pigment was Spreading Across Fragment.
Under Royal Blue LEDs it also is Brilliant Screaming Fluorescent Orange.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reefers Cove All Rights Reserved.

AA Orange War Coral Image Shows the Original Bright Orange Leading Edge.
Image taken under 20,000 K Halides. The Bright Pink was Bright Orange to the Eye.
This Orange Eventually Spread to the Entire Fragment Surface.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reefers Cove All Rights Reserved.

AA Orange War Coral First Edition Image Taken Under 20,000 K with Some Black Light.
First Edition frag shows coral eventually turned solid orange under even 20,000 K.
Left Side Mostly 20,000 K Light. Right Side Mostly Black UV Light.
Image Copyright © 2015 by Reefers Cove All Rights Reserved.

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