Limited Edition
AA Deep Blue Hoeksemai Acro
An Atlanta Aquarium Original

Limited Edition AA Deep Blue Hoeksemai Acropora Reeffarmers Seed Image.
One of the most colorful deep blue Acropora Hoeksemai we have seen.
Seed image taken right after return trip from Atlanta.
Main branch stem is dark blue, while corallite edges are bright blue.
Image Copyright © 2013 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

Reeffarmers has been looking for an Acropora hoeksemai that would make a good candidate for an LE coral. This deep blue morph from Atlanta is one of the more colorful Hoeksemai's that we have seen. The main branch stem is a dark blue to purple. Corallite edges are colored bright blue and have a Blue Matrix like appearence. Polyps are colored dark blue and slightly extend during the day. The image above shows the coral after being transferred from Atlanata to Texas. The color actually can get much more intense when the coral is 100 % healthy.

The AA Deep Blue Hoeksemai was found within a Jarkarta transhipment during the spring of 2013. Rit at the Atlanta Aquarium reef store ( ordered and received the transhipment. Reeffarmers acquired our seed fragment directly from Rit in the fall of 2013. We spent a week working with Rit while determining which of his coral collection would make good LE corals.

Steve Tyree is maintaining a seed section of this coral for in an 8 foot raceway Gyre BiZonal system. This system is naturally filtered with a semi-cryptic zone and a reef flat exposed zone. In Steve's captive reef the coral is positioned to receive moderate to strong light levels from a 400 watt SE 20,000 K metal halide. The first edition small fragment of this coral was sold in early March.

Copyright © 2013 by Reeffarmers All Rights Reserved.

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