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Auctioned Edition Corals are extremely rare and exotic corals that can be auctioned on monthly, bi-monthly, tri-monthly, quarterly and harvest time schedules. The very first Reeffarmers auction will be referred to as a First Edition Auction. Additional auctions will be called Second, Third, etc.. Reeffarmers main distribution network will always be the Limited Edition network. This new distribution network, called Auctioned Editions, was initially created to address the very high end captive coral market. These high end corals have been typically sold via online auctions. We are also however marketing very rare, exotic and new corals through the Auction Edition network. Many these corals are relatively new to captivity and their captive requirements are not completely known. This means that the harvest rates of these corals is not known and not very predictable. So taking future reservations is too risky. Reeffarmers also expects that each of our Auctioned Editioned Captive Farmed Corals will demand price ranges typical for the high end captive coral market. This price structure is supported by the limited distribution that occurs of these exotic Auction Edition Corals. Reeffarmers will not sell surplus or cancelled fragments of these corals. No side selling and no trading for Limited Edition corals will be done by Reeffarmers. Reeffarmers reserves the right however to trade fragments of Auctioned Edition corals for other Auctioned Edition Corals. Typically there will be one or two possessors of these Auction Editions when the coral is first offerred for Auctioning. They will be Reeffarmers and possibly one other source (internally referred to as the Source Farmer). Source Farmers that hold backups of these Auctioned Editions typically do not publicly trade their corals, but may distribute their own fragments via online public auctions. All Reeffarmers Auctioned Edition Auctions are performed and managed now by Reeffarmers. The following people and their relatives are barred from making bids: Steve Tyree (Reeffarmers) and the Source Farmer if one exists. Additionally all Reeffarmers employees and their relatives are barred from making bids. The winning bid must be fully paid at the final Auction Price and be directly sent to Reeffarmers within 48 hours of the close of the auction. No other discounts of any kind offerred by Reeffarmers or the Source Farmer will lower the final winning auction amount. Please note that for First Edition auctions only, typically about 50 % of the auction winning bid will be sent to the Source Farmer after the successful reciept of the First Edition Auctioned Coral by the winning bidder. typically does this in gratitude to reef farmers that decide to distribute their extremely rare and exotic corals through the Reeffarmers AE (Auction Edition) network.

Auctioned Editions are shipped directly from the facility. Corals are packed within igloos by Steve Tyree with over 10 years shipping experience. Shipment is dropped off by Reeffarmers at the Federal Express Ontario California Hub. Live arrival is guaranteed

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