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Acropora abrolhensis

This is an awesome tourquoise colored staghorn stony coral. Polyps are bushy, extend during the day. Under strong halides the polyps developed the tourquoise color. Branch tips are purple/tourquoise. Colonies were rarely exported and only shipped from one island group. The Florida Islands near Guadacanal in the Solomons were the only known place that exported this amazing coral. The collector stopped collecting coral from that area in late 1998. The last individuals that we knew who possessed this coral were Nelson Seeley of California and Clayton Romi of California. Clayton was the last person farming it. Some fragments were known to have been distributed through DE from 1996 to 1998 as Steve Tyree was also farmig this coral for awhile. If anyone has recieved a fragment of this rare staghorn and still has living sections of it, please contact us here at

Update 10/25/00 - I just returned from the GARF Coral Farming Seminar 2000. It appears that GARF has grown quite a few of these awesome abrolhensis corals from a fragment they initially recieved from DE(Steve Tyree) back in 1998. We will hopefully have some fragments of this awesome coral distributed through some time next year (2001). Also, the initial species ID of abrolhensis is probably incorrect. The abrolhensis actually has a tubular corallite while the coral we are working with is more scaly. Its almost like a tuorquoise/blue Staghorn Acropora millepora with medium thick branches. We will continue research and hopefully get a more accurate species ID soon.

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